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Are Baby Bouncers Safe For Newborns?

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Are baby bouncers safe for newborns? The question of if a baby bouncer is safe for newborns has raised many mixed reactions from health practitioners and manufacturers over the past few years. 

The answer as to whether a baby bouncer is safe for a newborn is not straight. However, it depends on how you are going to use the bouncer. A bouncer is unsafe if you are looking for a quick fix to put your baby to sleep. 

Although bouncers provide a rocking effect that babies like, the soothing cannot be compared to that of your hands or while the child is still in the womb. 

So are baby bouncers safe for newborns? Yes, but it depends on how you use it. 

What Is A Baby Bouncer?

A baby bouncer is a gear with an angled seat, straps, stationary frame, and spring. Baby bouncers are designed differently, and there are electric and manual-powered baby bouncers. 

Electric baby bouncers are connected to a power outlet, while the baby’s motion powers manual ones. 

Babies can use baby bouncers from birth until they can sit up independently. However, you have to place your baby on a bouncer and stay close to monitor the child. 

Why Are Baby Bouncers Bad?

Bouncers are not bad, but some parents misuse them by using them as a fast way of putting a baby to sleep. According to AAP, many babies have lost their lives, and some got injuries while on the bouncers. This doesn’t mean that you should cancel baby bouncers entirely. 

If you put proper safety restraints into consideration, then you can use the bouncer without any stress. But you have to limit the time you place your newborn on a bouncer because infants can lie in positions that can cause suffocation. 

Tips On How To Use A Baby Bouncer Safely

The following are some of the tips recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics that can help you use the baby bouncer safely and minimize the chances of injuries to your baby:

  • Don’t leave your baby alone on the bouncer. Ensure that you monitor the child when they are on a bouncer. 
  • Use the straps correctly by ensuring they are not fastened too tight or loose. 
  • Stop using the baby bouncer as soon as the baby starts attempting to sit up independently or the baby’s body weight hits 20 pounds.
  • Avoid placing the baby bouncer on the table, bed, or seats when in use. 

Benefits Of Baby Bouncers

Ideal For Entertaining or Stimulating The Baby

Baby bouncers are designed for playtime only. The bouncers have interactive toys attached to a bar to stimulate the baby to play. 

Help To Calm The Baby

Baby bouncers remind newborns of the bouncing motion they used to have in our tummies, making them calm. The bouncing movements help calm the baby fast. 

Baby Bouncers Give You Little Rest Time

Although you have a baby, you might need a 10 or 15-minute hands-free break. But remember that the baby must be monitored while on the bouncer. 

Frequently Asked Questions: Are Baby Bouncers Safe For Newborns

  1. What is the difference between a baby bouncer and a baby rocker?

A bouncer is a baby gear with an inclined seat on which a baby is placed. A rocker is a chair that sits on a slated base and can be powered by a power source, or the parent manually rocks the rocker. 

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