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How Often Should You Change Newborn Diaper At Night?

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Newborns require a diaper change every two to three hours, depending on how often they feed and poop. It will take you a couple of weeks or even months to figure out your baby’s bowel movements. 

It’s easy to know when to change your baby’s diaper during the day because you can easily notice they have pooped or the diaper has gotten overly wet.

The task gets trickier at night because you need to know if your child has soiled the diaper yet. And what makes it even more challenging is you don’t want to disrupt your baby’s sleep. 

Luckily, a newborn feeds a couple of times at night. You can use this moment to change your baby’s diaper if it seems too wet or if they have pooped. 

Why Change A Baby’s Diaper at Night?

If you’re a first-time mum still figuring out motherhood, this question will linger in your mind. There are four main reasons you want to make sure your baby’s diaper is dry and not soiled:

  1. Wet diapers can cause a diaper rash 
  2. Leaving your baby with a soiled diaper can cause an infection
  3. Poop causes skin irritation in babies
  4. An excellent time for bonding, even at night

How To Change Your Baby’s Diaper At Night Without Disrupting Sleep

You’ve probably wondered how you’ll change your baby’s diaper at night without waking the baby up. In this section, I will share tips to help you change your baby’s diaper without waking them up. 

  1. Use Dedicated Night Time Diapers

You will need extra absorbent diapers at night because you don’t want to wake up ten times to a leaking diaper. And that’s where dedicated night diapers come in. Although they are a little bit expensive, nighttime diapers offer extra absorption, guaranteeing your baby a deep sleep. 

  1. Create A Routine

If you’re wondering if a routine can work for a newborn, yes, it does. It’s good to establish a bedtime routine as early as possible. You might feel off the track and fail to track the consistency of the new routine for your baby. At this point, you’ll need a baby routine tracker. 

Set a specific time for diaper change during the night and avoid too much play because the baby might fail to go back to sleep. 

  1. Choose A Diaper That Fits Well

Ensure that you’re using the correct night-time diaper that isn’t too small or too big. A dapper that doesn’t fit right can cause leakage or discomfort. 

  1. Use The Diaper Rash Cream

There are several diaper rash creams all over the stores, but just a few guarantee safety and serve the purpose. You want to make sure that you choose a diaper rash cream that is gentle on your baby’s skin to prevent and relieve discomfort caused by the rashes or treat diaper rash. 

  1. Change Your Baby’s Diaper During Bedtime

Before you put your baby down to sleep, ensure that you’ve changed the diaper to enable the baby to sleep deeply. Ensure that you change the diaper before feeding the baby so that you don’t wake up the baby. 

  1. Change Diapers As Soon As Your Baby Poops

I know it’s tricky to know what time the child will poop. You must regularly check the diaper and change it immediately after the baby poops. 

  1. Utilize The Feeding Time

A newborn is fed several times at night, so you can use the feeding time to check if the diaper is wet and change it. Before you feed the baby, start by checking on the diaper and changing it, then feed your baby. 

What You Need To Change Your Baby’s Diaper At Night Effectively

  • Wipes
  • Clean, fully absorbent diapers
  • A Clean changing space
  • A trash can/bin
  • Clean clothes

When Should To Stop Changing Baby Diapers At Night

  • Your Baby Sleeps Longer
  • Wetness Doesnt wake up your baby
  • Your baby doesn’t have a diaper rash
  • When your baby feeds less at night
  • Your baby doesn’t poop at night
  • The diaper rarely gets overly wet

Frequently Asked Questions: How Often Should You Change a Newborn Diaper At Night

  1. Should I change My Baby’s Diaper During The Night?

Yes. Newborns urinate frequently and poop often, so it’s good to change the baby’s diaper at night as soon as it poops or becomes wet. 

  1. How Many Diapers Does A Newborn Use In A Day?

According to Pampers, a newborn can use up to 10 diapers daily. 

  1. When Should I Stop Changing Diapers At Night?

Once your child stops feeding or pooping, you can stop changing diapers at night. However, you must ensure that you use overnight diapers because they are extra absorbent. 

  1. Can I Leave My Baby With The Same Diaper Overnight?

No. You will have to change the diaper unless the baby stops pooping or feeding at night. 

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