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Inexpensive Gifts For Teenage Girl

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Are you finding it hard to impress your teenage daughter with gifts? Honestly, you are not alone. It’s taken me months which feel like decades, to impress my teenage daughter in vain. Luckily, I got some clues on inexpensive gifts for teenage girl that may brighten their face. 

Imagine walking into a store and seeing a perfect gift for your girl, but once you hand it over to her, you get a cold “thank you.” That was my story a few days ago but not anymore. 

After spending days on social media platforms like Instagram, Tiktok, and Pinterest, I realized that there were items our teens get super obsessed with. And that’s how I gathered some clues.

I don’t want to waste your time expressing how I discovered the secret. So let’s get right into the article. 

Best Inexpensive Gifts For Teenage Girls

Teens Survival Guide

As your princess becomes a mini-adult, you want her to learn the best survival tips to help her navigate this life. It’s good to start teaching them early, and this Teens Survival Guide is the best gift you can give your daughter now. 

I love how this book teaches our young girls how to cope with the challenges that come with teenagehood and how to make the best of their teenage years. 

I got one for my niece, who loved it at first sight. Who doesn’t want a blueprint of survival at any stage? This book is everything you could ever want to gift any teenage girl for comprehensive guidance. 

Pretty Neon Wall Sign 

After watching some cute tik tok teens videos, I realized that most had this cute neon wall decor on the background. 

Although they weren’t all pinky like this, the effect of the lights, whatever the case, made the room look girly and elegant in such a unique way. 

And the best part is that it doesn’t have to be a gift for special occasions; this is an all-season type of gift, so you can gift her any day. 

If you want a more personalized decor sign, you can get this customized piece and cutely display your baby girl’s name on the wall. 

Softening Bum Bum Cream

I honestly love Gifting my teen feminine things. We are in the “soft life” era, and while I might not be able to give her everything in this life, I can help her smoothen her bum.

No one feels confident knowing their buttons are dry when rocking boots and shorts. I do not like short clothes, but my daughter does, so I’d want her to feel good about her skin with this Softening Bum Bum Cream from Sol De Janeiro Store. 

The cream does a great job on the bum, and everywhere, so your girl can use it on her thighs and legs. Its fragrance is undeniably the sweetest thing you can feel once you get hold of it. 

I love that it combines top-notch ingredients that guarantee hydrated and soft skin. 

Wireless Charging Station

If you have a tech lover for a daughter, you might want to get her this cordless charging station and see her happy she’d be. 

This three-in-one system features fast charging and is compatible with various Apple products and even the Samsung Galaxy series. 

We all know how these teenage girls can cling to their phones for hours, and nothing gets them upset, like charging with coded chargers. You might make her life easier with this charging station.

BEYONG Leather Writing Journal

I honestly love journaling; peace comes with every moment I spend journaling. Because I also wish the same for my teenage niece, I got her this elegant writing journal so she can start early. 

This Beyong Leather writing journal is a refillable traveller’s notebook to enable your teen to add small pages and can be gifted to both boys and girls. 

The journal size is perfect for our young ones since it can fit most backpacks, handbags, and even school bags. Another thing I love about this journal is that it has blank pages so your teen can draw sketches and maps. 

Beads Bracelet Making Kit

If you have a teenage girl who loves artwork, this kit might always be the perfect gift. I love the bonding time, and during that time is when we do something creative. With this kit, your girl can get highly creative by making unique bracelets. 

This kit has 4600 pieces of polymer clay beads with 500 charms, giving your teen daughter endless possibilities. 

Teenator Bow Headbands

Another thoughtful and extremely cheap gift for your teenage girl is this teenator bow headband kit that comes in a pack of five. Headbands are totally helpful during exercises and facial sessions. 

The bands are made of super soft fluffy material, and the bows can be removed in case she doesn’t like them. You have zero worries about sizing because the bands are also highly elastic, fitting even bigger adult heads. 

Bluetooth Speaker With Lights 

If your teenage girl loves music, this Bluetooth Speaker with led nights might entertain her and add colour to her room. The speaker can be used as a night light and a phone holder. 

Featuring wireless charging, this speaker has easy-to-use control buttons, two dynamic coloured lights, and seven solid light colours. The speaker isn’t just great for teens; you can also put it in your room and enjoy a night of soft music and lights. 

Hanging Photo Display Wall Hanging

Let your teenage girl display her favourite photos on her bedroom wall stylishly with this Hanging Photo Wall Hanging. This wall hanging can be a birthday gift, a Christmas gift, or a gift to your teen girl on any occasion. 

Featuring a warm light going down, this wall hanging can turn a boring bedroom wall into a centre of attraction. Its fairy lights come in eight modes and can be turned on and off using a remote control. 

One thing I like about this wall is that the lights turn off automatically after six hours.

Iefil Sterling Silver Rose Heart Initial Pendant Necklace

Remind your teenage daughter of your love everywhere she goes. This rose heart initial pendant necklace with a heart shape, and her initial at the centre can remind her of parental love.

Girls love to be shown love and appreciation; there’s no way she will ignore your kind gesture with this heartwarming gift. 

Necklaces with initials have become a trend lately, so your teen daughter will fall in love with them. 

The necklace is made of sterling silver and plated with white gold, a perfect combination that prevents fading on the skin. Its length is also perfect for most teenagers and even older people.

Accessories For Teens Package

Another gift pack that I fell in love with is this pack. The gift pack contains a satin pillowcase embroidered with “Remember beautiful- you can do amazing things.” 

We all want our teen daughters to feel capable when going to bed and waking up with the same spirit. Her goals can be achieved with these inspirational words to read before she goes to sleep. 

The package contains a satin embroidered pillow case, storage bag, satin sleeping mask, two satin headbands and crunchies, lavender scented insert, cold/hot gel pack insert, and rose quartz roller dispenser. 

I got this gift pack for my niece, and she’s never stopped talking about it because it has played a massive role in reducing her acne problems. 

Makeup Vanity Mirror With Lights

What can be better than a makeup mirror for your little lady as she starts to get used to some light makeup? If your girl loves makeup, you should get this vanity makeup mirror for her. 

The mirror features three colour light modes; warm, neutral, and cool. This mirror is highly adjustable up to 90 degrees, so your girl can see even the tiniest details on her makeup. 

Dreamers Become Doers Journaling Set

Another fantastic gift you can give to your teen daughter is something that will build healthy habits and interests. The Dreamers Become Doers Journaling Set is a gift that will unveil great habits for your teen daughter as she enters adulthood. 

The journaling set includes a 70-sheet spiral journal that can be highly customized using the accessories that come with it. Besides that, this set also comes with more than 35 stationary pieces to make journaling fun for your teen. 

Fabric Lampshade From Dad To Daughter

Daughters are dads’ best friends; thus, dads are expected to do more regarding gifts. There are many gifts, but for some reason, I find this an adorable gift from dad to teen daughter. 

If I were the daughter, I would love this lampshade effortlessly. The fabric lampshade has sweet words and is mainly meant for the bedside lamp. 

The lampshade is an all-occasion gift, so you don’t have to worry about the season you’re handing it to your teen daughter. 

If you have been looking for a surprise gift for your teen daughter, this is it. 

SIDVAR Bluetooth Speaker Lights And Wireless Charger

The SIDVAR Bluetooth Speaker Lights and Wireless Charger is another thoughtful gift for teen girls. This is the kind of gift that instantly gets your girl obsessed and overjoyed, and I’ll tell you why. 

SIDVAR Bluetooth Speaker features colourful lights perfect for a teen daughter’s bedroom. Besides being a Bluetooth speaker, your girl can charge her phone wirelessly. 

Built with a 5.1 Bluetooth technology, you’re assured of fast pairing and stability, letting your girl connect it with her phone within 33 feet of range. 

Enhance her bedroom aesthetics with this classily designed Bluetooth speaker that instantly brightens the space, all thanks to its white-coloured body. 

Hanza Bath Bombs

As they are getting aware of their bodies, teen daughters want to get the best products for their bath routine, and this handmade Hanza Bath Bombs gift pack is perfect. 

The bath bombs are made from organic and natural ingredients, making them safe for your daughter’s skin. I love how the bombs come looking like jewels inside the box. You get a bath bomb every day of the week and even more. 

These bath bombs contain shea butter, clays, and essential oils that aid skin healing and moisturizing. 

Natural Outcome Teen 3-Step Skin Care Kit

As I said earlier, teens, especially girls, are very aware of their bodies and skin. They get so overworked when something goes wrong with their skin. I guess it’s the right time to start teaching them how to care for their skin, and the first step is gifting them with the right skincare products. 

Luckily, Natural Outcome decided to come up with a solution for our teenage girls. With their 3-step skincare kit, your little lady can achieve clear and radiant skin. 

This teen skin care kit includes an oil-free facial cleanser, acne purifying toner, and a moisturizer. All these three can help your baby girl clear acne, prevent breakouts, and clear blemishes. 

If your teen daughter has siblings who might need to use this pack, you don’t have to worry because it’s safe, even for kids and preteens. 

These are just some of my favourite inexpensive gifts for teenage girls that I have purchased for my daughter and two of my nieces, and they loved them. Please don’t beat yourself up trying to find an expensive gift, thinking it will blow your teen’s mind. Sometimes they need something small, and they feel excited and happy. 

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