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Photography Ideas For Toddlers

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1. Take A Walk

Image by 2. Bubbles
Image by 3. The Pet Lover

Most kids love pets, and getting a shot of your toddler with their favorite pets can be super easy. You can go ahead and have a basket of exotic fruits in a basket and some cute flowers. You can also take this concept indoors and have a cute shot of your baby chilling on a sofa. 

4. Fun With Balloons

Fill up a small room in your house with loads of colorful balloons, and let your baby do their thing as you take some cute shots. 

You dont need to prompt your child to do anything. Let them enjoy being surrounded by many balloons as you continue your business. 

5. Snack Time Shot

Give your baby their favorite snack piece, sit them on top of a table wearing casual indoor wear, and get a snap of the moment. 

You can use your Christmas tree as a prop to make the photo even more interesting. Ideally, this would be a normal Christmas shot, but you can steal the idea for an any-day indoor shoot.

6. The Painting Champ

Image by Ben Kerckx

I bet you’ll have this shot super easy because toddlers naturally enjoy painting and drawing. At this stage, your baby wants to try new things out of the ordinary, and painting and getting messy will work perfectly. 

If you dont have the paintings, canvas, and painting stand, you can purchase the items online, and the good thing is, you might awaken a new talent. 

7. The Book Lover

Capture the early days of your toddler reading without any struggles. While you can take this shot in a library, you can also take a snap of your baby reading their favorite book alone. 

You can also photograph your toddler reading outdoors with their siblings or friends. 

8. The Beach Baby

Image by Pam Patterson

How about going for a swim and getting a few photos for memories? Toddlers love water, and your baby will love going out for a swim. You will get a lot of pieces because your child will easily pose in such an environment. 

Just keep it simple and take multiple shots when your baby isn’t aware, and you can prompt the baby to pose while wearing their swimsuit. 

9. The Flower Lover

You will create cute photos if you have some flowers in your backyard or kitchen garden. 

Bring your toddler to the flower garden and let them explore and touch or smell the flowers and capture the beautiful moment. 

10. Riding In The Sunset

Image by Arek Socha

Have some beautiful photos of your baby riding as the sun sets. You can do this on the less busy street while your toddler rides their bicycle. The photo will look super beautiful if the sun is captured, so it looks like your baby is riding toward the sunset. 

11. The Bathtub Pose

Another ageless and exciting idea is having your little one in their bathtub and cheer them up and have a cute shot. You can use their favorite toys as props. Trust me; this might be your favorite photoshoot because toddlers love water. 

12. Stroller Pose

Another inexpensive photography idea for a toddler is using their stroller. You can do this with siblings if your toddler has a baby brother or sister. 

Get your babies in a stroller and have a cute shot of them smiling. 

13. Baby On A Swinger

Image by Jesung Moon

Have some fun swinging as you take some fantastic shots. Swinging is one of the best activities for toddlers, and it will be easy to capture their lovely smiles as they swing. 

You can use this idea for a group photoshoot with the siblings or the whole family. Keep it simple the way you will on any day you’re having fun. 

14. Pretty Umbrella

Umbrellas are used to protect us from getting wet during rainy seasons, but they also come in handy as props during photoshoots. This interior setting of a metallic chair with cute little throw pillows takes the day. 

You don’t have to go overboard with the dressing. Let your baby wear casual clothes and use a crotcheted umbrella as a prop. 

Pro Tips For Your Toddlers Trouble-free Photos

Getting a photograph of your toddler without trouble is hard, but some toddlers naturally love photographs, so that it can be easy too. Below are some terrific tips to help you get the best pictures of your toddler. 

1. Get Some Props

When working with toddlers, props are of great help. You can use some of your toddler’s toys as props, making the shots much better than when shooting with no props. While at it, ensure that props are safe for the baby so they dont get injured as you’re taking photos. 

2. Try Different Poses

Possing is like a play activity for toddlers so that you can play around with different poses. Ask them to blow a kiss or hold their hands together at the front or their back. 

If you want some props to hold, you can direct them on how they should do that. 

3. Utilize Shades

You don’t want to expose your little one to too much sun. You can look for a shade or wait for the cool, cloudy weather to take the shots. 

4. Use Enough Light For Indoor Shots

To plan for indoor photography sessions, you must set up your scene near a window for some lighting. 

5. Dont Photograph Your Toddler When They Are Gloomy

You don’t want your photography sessions to be messy by trying to take photos of your crying and tired toddler. If they aren’t happy from the beginning of the photo shoot, reschedule and do it when they are happy and in the right mood. 

6. Be Flexible With Your Plans

This photoshoot is for your toddler, and thus you need to keep your options open. You might have a great idea, but it might not go well with your toddler. Be patient and flexible to adapt to what your baby wants. 

With all the tips I have shared above, you will need loads of patience to get the best out of your toddler’s photoshoot. Ensure you follow their flow and use a fast shutter speed because toddler photography is like sports photography. You cannot predict when your toddler will make a move, so you better take the shots fast before they change their poses. 

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