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Stress and Heartbreak During Pregnancy

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The last thing you want to happen to you is any kind of stress and heartbreak during pregnancy. Stress affects your mental state and can pose a significant risk to you and your unborn child. 

Life-threatening conditions among pregnant women, like high blood pressure and premature births, are caused by stress during pregnancy. 

A heartbreak during pregnancy can leave you hopeless too. You have these high hopes of building your family with your partner then the world comes crumbling down. 

I know how hard that can be on you because I have also experienced major heartbreak during pregnancy. But I didn’t let myself drown in my miseries.

 I won’t lie to you that I was strong. I was broken and vulnerable. It took action and time to get myself out of the mess. 

The good thing is there are ways you can manage stress during your pregnancy. It doesn’t matter if you’re going through a heartbreak or dealing with stress. You can always find a solution to whatever you’re dealing with. 

This article is enriched with tips to help you manage stress and heartbreak during pregnancy. 

Moving Forward

Image by egor105 from Pixabay

You didn’t plan to raise your child as a single mum, but things have happened. The only plan you should have in your mind right now is to move forward. 

It’s sad but getting stuck in one place does you more harm than good. This is the time to brush the dust off your shoulders and structure a strategy to rebuild your expectations. 

It’s not a one-day journey, but every step takes you closer to your desired result and far away from this state you’re in. 

Without further ado, kindly read through to learn how to deal with stress and heartbreak and build yourself again during pregnancy. 

  1. Give Yourself Time And Space To Grieve
Image by Silvia from Pixabay

I’m not going to lie to you; healing is a slow, gradual process. You need to give yourself time to cry over your dead relationship. 

Trying to act all strong and okay may work in hiding whatever you’re going through, but deep down, you’re still hurting. 

My advice is you take as much time as you need to feel the pain and cry it out until you feel you’re done grieving. After that, wake up and think of what you’re going to do next. 

  1. Forgive and Be Kind To Yourself

Heartbreaks happen, and they happen to anyone, so don’t blame yourself. The fact that you’re partner decided to hurt you at this point doesn’t mean you’re not a good person. 

The guilt will consume you, but try your best to push it away and try to see things his way too. Maybe he’s scared of the new title on the way. Guilt will consume your peace. Take things easy on yourself and practice some affirmations. 

  1. Accept That Heartbreaks Are Normal During Pregnancy

If only you could view things from a different perspective, you’ll realize that heartbreaks can happen anytime in our lives. It’s just that no one expects it to hit when you’re thinking of building a family.

  1. Focus On Yourself and The Baby’s Health

The first thing you should put your mind to is your health and that of the baby. When you’re not okay, your baby won’t be okay too. Shift your focus to the positive side and forget about the depth of your pain.

Some women let the heartbreak consume them, and they end up toxic, which is not suitable for you and your child. Don’t let the bad experience you’ve had affect the environment your child is going to grow into. 

  1. Talk To Someone

It’s hard to bear the pain alone without having someone to talk to. Don’t let the heartbreak overwhelm you by keeping everything to yourself. Speak to a friend or a family member or seek the services of a professional. 

You might also need some financial help too. It’s good to let your close friends or family know about what’s happening so they can chip in when the need arises. 

  1. Get Distracted

Image by Shahariar Lenin from Pixabay

The more you spend time doing nothing,  your mind will dwell over your broken relationship. It’s time you tried something new, like yoga, meditation, and light exercises. 

Don’t turn down invites for dinner or lunch at your family’s or friend’s place. Spending time out of your regular routine will get you distracted and at least occupy your mind with new things. 

  1. Embrace The Future

Be optimistic about your future and constantly remind yourself that you have a bright future. You might have broken up with your child’s father, but that doesn’t mean you’ll live as a single mother forever. 

Think about how beautiful your life will be with your unborn child and all the cute memories you will make.

  1. Define Your Priorities 

You are about to become a mum, and whatever was prioritized before you knew about your pregnancy might not be your priority anymore. Choosing your priorities does matter at this point because there is a little human being involved. 

Everything you plan now, you have to factor in your child. Whether it’s a new relationship or moving in with your family, your child’s well-being is essential. 

  1. Create A Happy Environment For You and Your Child
Image by Neil Dodhia from Pixabay

To create an environment filled with happiness, you need to be happy too. Your biggest wish is for your child to grow up with daddy and mummy living together. But what if forcing him to stay will spruce up a toxic environment? 

Your ex isn’t the source of your happiness. You can create that space filled with happiness and love without him in the picture. Ensure that your child grows in an environment filled with love and happiness. 

  1. Consider Dating Again

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying you should go out there and find a man immediately. Take your time to heal, learn to love yourself, and live by yourself and your child until you’re ready to date again. 


  1. How can stress affect your pregnancy?

Stress can affect your pregnancy in many ways, and the most common effects of stress are high blood pressure and heart attack. 

Carrying stress for a prolonged period can also cause premature births or negatively affect your child’s birth weight. 

  1. What causes stress during pregnancy?

Stress can be caused by the constant body changes caused by pregnancy hormones or other factors like financial problems, relationship problems, career or job-related stress, and discomforts caused by pregnancy. 

  1. What types of stress can cause pregnancy problems?

Several types of stress can cause pregnancy problems like divorce, long-term financial crisis, serious illness, loss of a loved one, earthquakes, job loss, and domestic violence. 

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