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Teenage Bucket List Before 20

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The teenage stage can be overwhelming; most of the time, you might feel lost and clueless about life. If you let everything happening within and around you take a toll on your mind, you might not be able to enjoy your youthful years. So how about you create a teenage bucket list before 20 for mad fun? 

As a child, your parents might have created bucket lists for you. But now, as a teenager, you want to create one without having your parents influence anything.

We know how hard this task seems to be if you’ve never made a bucket list before. So we devised some tips or ideas on an ideal teenage bucket list before 20 to allow you to have fun before adulthood.

Teenage Bucket List Before 20: Things You Need To Do Before You Turn 20

Get Your First Job

As you turn older, you’ll realize that you have an increased need to make money, and there’s no better way to do that than getting your first job.

Luckily, there are many job openings for teens, and even though you might not make $1000 at first, you’ll get two things in return: money and experience.

Go On A Road Trip With Your Friends

You might have gone on a couple of road trips with your family, and now it’s time to experience another one without family around.

Organize a road trip with your close friends to an unfamiliar place, a road that you’ve never explored, and make unforgettable memories.

Travel Out Of Your Home Country

Travel out of the country to your dream destination, a place with diverse cultures and different ways of life. Create memories there by trying out new dishes, ways of dressing, and cultures.

Go For Camping

During my teen days, I loved camping because, first, it was a way of getting out of my normal life routine, and secondly, I got to detoxify my mind.

Choose a place where there’s no cellular network and camp there. With just a few essentials, turn off all your digital devices, and enjoy being present.

Start Journaling

Journaling is the quickest and best way to get in touch with your emotions. To me, journaling is like a therapy. Even when things seem to be shaky, I seem to get in control when I journal.

If you haven’t started journaling yet, this could be a sign for you to start before you turn 20. Make it a habit of journaling every day for self-reflection.

Get Over Your Fears

Is there something you want to do, but fear seems to overtake your plans? How about you face those fears and get it done, afraid?

Fear is an obstacle to keep us away from our goals. The best way to accomplish things is to conquer the fear and get things done.

Learn To Cook

You might want to learn to cook (if you haven’t yet) because you’re about to start living alone soon. There are so many platforms that you can use to learn how to cook new dishes.

Movie Night Alone

You might want to go alone occasionally if you’ve been to the movies with family or friends. How about you try that out before you turn 20?

Going to the movies alone is also fun, making you feel in control of your life.

Go For A Nature Walk

You don’t need to know your exact destination. Just get out of your normal routine and connect with nature. You can carry your headphones or a camera and take beautiful pictures of nature.

A nature walk is therapeutic and can heal your soul in many ways. Avoid browsing now and take a moment to appreciate the beauty around you.

Meet Up With Old Friends

Life happens, and for one reason or another, we break up or disconnect with our old friends. Reconnecting with them is the best decision if you still remember them and feel like you need closure.

You might have disconnected beca moved to another place or changed schools. This might be the right time to rekindle your friendship again.

Stay Up Late

You can binge-watch an entire series in one night or talk to friends until late. I’m not saying that you should make this a routine, but it’s allowed to get silly for once.

You can even stay up late and get creative by finishing a task. That one night of staying up late can give you some self-empowerment.

Attend A Live Concert

Nothing can beat a live concert experience, whether your favorite artist performs or not. If you’re yet to attend one, you might want to add that to your bucket list before you turn 20.

The energy you get at a concert cannot be compared to what you watch on TV, so makeup time to attend one.

Tour Your Own City

Do you know your city in and out? Very few people will confidently say yes to that. There are places in your city that you don’t even know they exist.

Instead of visiting your usual hangouts, you might want to try these places and see the beauty you have around your city.

Get The Best Grades In A Semester

You can attain straight A’s by doing the right amount of work. Nothing is impossible if we put the right amount of effort and our minds into it.

As you have fun enjoying your teenage years, you might want to accomplish things you never thought were possible.

If your grades aren’t making you happy, you might want to get better by joining study groups and getting help with some tough subjects.

Go For A Day Without the Internet Or TV

It’s called digital detox. Just turn off your phone, radio, and TV and do the things that bring you peace and joy.

This is a good thing to do at least once a week to reconnect to your inner self and be present. You can also have some family time or read your favorite books.

Sometimes we get lost in the digital world and disconnect from our inner selves, so digital detox is essential.

Go For Ice Skating

Have you tried ice skating before? Well, if you haven’t, this can be the perfect time to have fun and exercise at the same time.

Try Kayaking

Another great experience is being out in the water bodies alone, exercising your body strength with this low-impact activity.

Kayaking can be done in any water space, whether a river or sea. And the best part is, you experience peace of mind while at it.

There are a lot of things you can do before you turn 20. With this teenage bucket list before 20, I’m sure you’ll have a lot of fun. Pick one after the other and explore to the fullest.

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