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When Should A Pregnant Woman Stop Working?

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When should a pregnant woman stop working? You’re probably at a crossroads, wondering if you should stop or push it further.

While some women seek maternity leave earlier, some can work up to their due date. You might need to work till the last day of your third trimester to save for your baby. 

Several factors determine when you should stop working while pregnant. The most common factors are financial, medical, and personal factors determining when to take maternity leave. 

When Should A Pregnant Woman Stop Working? : The Signs

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You need to check out the following signs if you’re still considering whether you should or shouldn’t stop working during pregnancy.

1. High-risk Pregnancy

Did your doctor tell you your pregnancy is a high-risk one? Then this is enough reason to take a break and wait for your bundle of joy. 

At this stage, you don’t want to compare yourself to your colleague who worked till the last minute. Remember, pregnancies are different, and what worked for someone else might be risky for you. 

Many complications make pregnancies high risk. Some of them are high blood pressure, diabetes, and anemia. 

2. Too Much Work Pressure

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You might want to work until your due date, but if your job is too demanding and always heightens your anxiety, you might want to take your maternity leave early. 

Working till the later stages of your pregnancy is determined by the nature of your job. If your duties require alot of standing or sitting all day long, you might feel fatigued. 

Apart from the physical nature, your mental state is essential too. You will need a break if your peace of mind isn’t guaranteed. 

3. You’re Yet To Make the Necessary Preparations

If you’re the last-minute person in delivery preparations, you must take your break early enough to prepare. 

Preparing for your delivery is essential because you get peace of mind. The last few weeks are crucial for planning and preparing psychologically for your new family member. 

4. You’re Underperforming

We get lost contemplating how our babies look, especially when approaching the due date. Therefore, you might feel you’re not executing your duties as you should. 

You might need to stop working and focus on your pregnancy because of losing focus. You don’t want to lose your job or essential gigs because you were carried away by the pregnancy.  

5. Financial Factors

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You might want to stop working early during pregnancy but need the money. Some organizations offer paid leaves, while a few grant unpaid leaves. 

If you work in a company where you are granted a paid leave, you can stop working early enough to prepare for your unborn child. 

But if you work in a company with unpaid leave, you might need to wait longer to get the extra cash. 

6. You’re Experiencing Signs of Early Labor

If you’re having signs of early labor, this is the time to seek bedrest to stop the labor from progressing. Having a premature baby is stressful, and you don’t want to go through the stress. 

7. You have Sleepless Nights.

As your pregnancy progresses, you will likely have a couple of sleepless nights. The lack of sleep can affect your productivity at work, which might not give a good impression to your boss, clients, or colleagues. When you reach this stage, your performance is compromised, and taking your maternity leave is good. 

8. You’re Carrying Multiples

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Although carrying multiple isn’t a complication, you should stop working early if you carry more than one child. The reasons are you have to be well prepared and have enough rest. 

Multiples are demanding, too, so you probably need enough time to prepare before their arrival. 

9. Toxic Substances 

Some jobs involve a lot of chemical emissions. If you’re working in an environment involving toxic substances, then taking an early leave is good. Such toxins won’t only pose a risk to your unborn baby but can also harm your health. 

10. A Lot Of Physical Activity

Some careers involve a lot of physical activities. While being active is good, you wouldn’t want to go to extremes in the advanced stages of your pregnancy. 

Apply for maternity leave early if you stand a lot or spend the rest of your day sitting. 

Tips To Stay Healthy And Productive At Work During Pregnancy

Stay Hydrated

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I can’t emphasize this enough. You need to stay hydrated around the clock during your pregnancy. Carry your water bottle everywhere and ensure that you’re incorporating other fluids. 

You should have seen me with my big water bottle when I was pregnant. I would carry it even in crucial meetings because I knew the importance of staying hydrated during pregnancy. 

Take Breaks

Don’t spend the whole day at your desk trying to get things done without any breaks. It might surprise you that you might even perform poorly without the much-needed breaks. 

Stand up and move around. Take a deep breath, go to your window, and get some cool air. Breaks help everyone to remain productive, not just pregnant women. 

Avoid Nausea Triggers

By now, you know most of your nausea triggers. It could be your favorite colleagues’ perfume, the break room food, or other things. Try to avoid those triggers so you don’t get distracted while working. 

Take Your Snacks Often

Don’t let yourself starve because you’re working, especially during pregnancy. I realized that most pregnant ladies love snacks. Get a few bland snacks so that you get to bite something when you feel hungry. 

Ensure you’re also eating healthy foods. You need to take care of yourself and the baby. Here is a list of some of the best superfoods you need during pregnancy.

Take Anti-nausea Medications 

You might try to avoid nausea triggers, but you’re still struggling. It’s good to have your anti-nausea medications handy to take them as prescribed anytime you feel nauseous. 

Create A Fitness Routine

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Do you want to get rid of fatigue and tiredness? A simple fitness routine can rejuvenate your energy levels and boost your happiness. But before you create a fitness routine, ensure you’ve discussed it with your doctor. 

Go To Sleep Early 

You don’t have to binge-watch till midnight while you still want to get productive the following day. Ensure you’re getting enough sleep by going to bed early. Avoid screens at night, especially your phone. 

There are several opinions on when pregnant women should stop working. If you were to ask a group of women their opinions concerning this topic, you would have met different answers. 

The most important thing is checking your health, finances, and mental state. Ensure you make the right decisions based on your position and health state. 

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