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When To Move Baby From Pram Bassinet To Seat

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Are you wondering if it’s time to move your baby from the pram bassinet to the seat? First-time mothers always ask this question, and I understand because I was once there. According to many pediatricians, the right age to move a baby from a bassinet to a seat is 4-6 months, depending on their height and weight. 

This article will discuss the best time to move the baby from the pram bassinet to the seat and how you can do this without disrupting your baby. 

When To Move The Baby From Pram Bassinet To Seat: How Do You Know It’s Time To Make The Switch

4- 6 Months

Although babies are different, most of them, by four months, has developed the curiosity to see the world around them. Having developed their head control and muscles stronger, you can slowly transition them into a seat position. 

At four months, most babies become restless when placed in the bassinet because they don’t see what’s happening around them. 

When Sitting Well By Themselves 

Another good indicator to check if your baby is ready to move from a pram bassinet to a seat is if they’re trying to sit up by themselves. 

By this time, their legs, neck, and back muscles have the strength to move or reframe. 

At this stage, your baby can see things at a distance, and they want to see everything around them. 

Good head control

Before you put your baby into a seat position, you want to ensure they have good head control because a sitting position puts your child in an inclined position.  

While in a pram or bassinet, your child doesn’t need any head control because they lie flat on the back. 

Putting your child in a seat position before they gain full head control will make them uncomfortable because the head tilts forward, sideways, or backward.  

When They Outgrow The Bassinet 

As we discussed earlier, babies are different. Some outgrow the bassinet pretty fast and try to sit fast. As your baby grows, the bassinet becomes uncomfortable, and you might want to try the seat at this point. 

However, you have to ensure that you consider other factors like head control and sitting by themselves.


The answer to when to move a baby from pram bassinet to seat is highly personalized, depending on your child’s growth. Most experts recommend that babies be moved to a seat when they are 6 months old or can sit without aid. Some babies attain milestones faster and can sit before they hit 6 months. So if that’s the case, you can move your baby from the bassinet to the seat a bit earlier. 

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