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10 Common Pregnancy Symptoms At 5 Weeks

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Wondering if you should experience any symptoms of pregnancy at five weeks? While some women experience common pregnancy symptoms at five weeks, others don’t even realize they are pregnant. 

At five weeks, people around you can hardly notice any changes in you, but the changes inside you are massive. During this stage, your baby has already been implanted, and the brain and spine start to form. 

Between week 4 to 8, the cardiac tissues, muscles, lungs, and the inner ear starts to form, according to ACOG

In this article, we will mainly go through the symptoms in your body at 5 weeks of pregnancy. 

Most Common Pregnancy Symptoms At 5 Weeks

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1. Morning Sickness

Morning sickness is one of the most common symptoms among pregnant women, and it’s estimated that about 70% to 80% of women experience morning sickness. 

The leading cause of morning sickness is pregnancy hormones, often characterized by vomiting and nausea. 

Although it’s called morning sickness, you can get it any time of the day. Morning sickness can begin as early as four weeks, but most women experience it at week six up to fourteen weeks. 

However, you might wonder why it’s taking longer, but you don’t have to worry about that. If you feel that it’s getting extreme and you can’t seem to keep anything you eat, then it’s time you call your doctor. 

2. Increased Vaginal Discharge

You might note a milky, white, thin discharge with no or mild smell. There’s no cause for alarm. However, you should be wary of discharge that leaves you itchy and has a strong smell. Any discharge that is reddish or greenish isn’t a good sign too. 

3. Food Cravings

You might suddenly start loving foods you didn’t like before. The hormonal changes in your body can completely change your appetite, which is fine. 

4. Fatigue

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At five weeks or thereabout, you might start feeling tired and sleepy all the time. It is normal to feel like you don’t have energy during the early stages of pregnancy. 

Some women also feel tired even in the later stages of pregnancy, which is normal. 

5. Frequent Urination

At five weeks, your uterus is growing, although you might not see the growth. The expansion of your uterus presses the bladder so you might experience frequent bathroom visits. 

6. Heightened Sense Of Smell and Change Of Taste

A heightened sense of smell is one of the tell-tell signs of pregnancy. Even your favorite foods may start smelling funny.

 I have heard of ladies loving the smell of their partner’s armpits. Crazy, right? Blame it on the hormones. 

It doesn’t just stop at the smell. You might also feel a funny taste in your mouth. 

7. Breast changes

Woman breasts
Image by Franio from Pixabay

Breast changes can occur very early; some women experience tenderness immediately after conception.  

You don’t need to panic at this point if you feel your breasts are getting bigger or swollen because it’s bound to happen.

8. Mood Swings

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Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Mood swings during pregnancy are pretty normal, especially during the early stages. You are still nursing the reality of becoming a mother; hormonal changes can trigger many emotions. 

9. Constipation

You might often start constipating because the food is moving slowly through the digestive system to enhance the absorption of nutrients. 

At this stage, you should eat foods with high fiber content and stay hydrated by drinking lots of fluids. 

You also want to ensure you’re eating nutrient-dense foods. Check out this list of superfoods ideal during pregnancy. 

Now that you’ve learned about the typical pregnancy symptoms at 5 weeks, below are some serious signs to check out for. 

You want to ensure you carry your child to full term without complications. Visit your doctor as soon as you experience the below signs. 

Signs To Check Out For

  • Vaginal Bleeding 
  • Back pain
  • Pelvic pain/cramps
  • Dizziness

Tips For a Healthy Pregnancy

Go For Your First Antenatal Check Up 

You should plan for one soon if you haven’t visited your doctor for your first antenatal. I waited 16 weeks with my first baby, but I immediately went for my first checkup after testing positive with the second child (4 weeks). 

Take Your Vitamins Religiously

After your first antenatal visit, your doctor will give you some vitamins that contain folic acid and omega 3, among other vitamins. Ensure that you take the vitamins to prevent birth defects. 

Avoid Harmful Substances

Woman taking alcohol
Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

If you’re a smoker or take alcohol, this is the time to put everything on pause. Drinking alcohol and smoking during pregnancy is unhealthy for you and the baby. 

Eat Superfoods

You want to ensure you eat nutrient-dense foods; this is the best time to start if you haven’t started yet. There are loads of superfoods that you can add to your diet. 

Ensure you’re taking enough vegetables, grains, proteins, and fruits, and above all, stay hydrated for a healthy pregnancy. 

Exercise Regularly

You might want to remain lean and fit all through your pregnancy journey. Therefore, you can exercise regularly, but you must avoid strenuous exercise.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do You Feel Pregnant At 5 Weeks?

Yes, you can feel pregnant at week 5. You may start by feeling tired and having a metallic taste. However, if you haven’t started experiencing any symptoms yet, there is no cause for alarm. Most women don’t even realize they are pregnant at this stage. 

What do 5-week pregnancy cramps feel like?

You shouldn’t experience severe cramps when pregnant. At 5 weeks, the cramps you feel might be like period cramps because your baby is growing and the womb is slowly expanding. 

What should I be doing at 5 weeks pregnant?

At 5 weeks, you should plan for your antenatal visit, take vitamins, avoid harmful substances, and make the right food choices. 

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