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Encouraging Words For Teenage Daughter

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Encouraging words for teenage daughters
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As parents, we owe our daughters a lot of reassurance. It doesn’t have to start in the teenage stage, but from the day we realize we are expecting a princess. So what type of encouraging words for teenage daughter do you need to know? Don’t worry because you’re about to find out. 

As a girl’s mom, it has always been in my mind for me to speak some words of encouragement to my daughters. I have a teen who needs those words constantly because that’s the only way to build her confidence. 

In this article, I will share with you words of encouragement for your teenage daughters that will encourage them to become strong and resilient and always walk with their heads high. 

Without further ado, let’s jump right into the juicy part. 

Encouraging Words For Teenage Daughter

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You’re beautiful

It doesn’t only matter to teens. Any woman, old or young, would love to be reminded of her beauty. 

Everyone was born beautiful with unique features. If you don’t tell your daughters about it, they might get a different version of beauty, so you should give them a clear, unadulterated version. 

You are Brilliant

Human beings are what they believe. You want your daughter to grow up knowing she’s brilliant, so you must start cultivating that belief early. 

Let her know that she can find a solution to all her issues because she’s smart. 

I’m Always There For You

You want to reassure your teen daughter that the communication lines are always open. And that she can always count on you. 

This is so important and priceless because you don’t want your little girl to feel lost in a world filled with many challenges. 

Never Compare Yourself To Anyone

I can’t remember where exactly I came across this “comparison is the thief of joy” phase, but whoever said it was 100% right. 

Remind your teen daughter that she is unique and has a unique purpose in life. Everyone has a different destiny, and comparing herself to someone else will make her lose focus on her journey. 

Embrace Your Imperfections 

There’s nothing like a perfect human being, and as a teen, it is good to know that imperfections are what shape us. 

As a parent, you want to encourage your child to embrace her flaws so that she can change what she can about those flaws. 

You Are Unstoppable 

There’s no limit to what anyone can achieve in this world. You want your little one to internalize that she can become anyone she wants and that no obstacles are worth giving in to. 

Remind her to chase her dreams without fear and become the best she can be because she is capable. 

Your Mistakes Dont Define Your Future

As a young lady, I struggled with self-forgiveness because of the unwise decisions I made in my youthful years. At first, it didn’t ring a bell until I became a dedicated family woman with daughters. 

I blamed myself for the mishaps, and unfortunately, that held me back for a very long time with no progress. Let your big baby know that mistakes happen, but they dont shape her future because we can overcome the guilt. 

Choose Positivity

We wake up every day with a choice to stay positive or negative. It is very easy to live with negativity, but that will be an ugly way of life. 

You want your teen to experience the brighter side of life, so you must encourage her to remain positive in all situations because life becomes more beautiful. 

God Loves You

I love it when my daughters grow up knowing that God loves and watches over them all the time. It’s good to let your teen know that God is present and she can tell Him all her fears because that’s the best way to offload the burden in their chest when they dont want to talk to us. 

Talk To Us About Anything

As girls grow up, they need the assurance that they can trust both of their parents and can talk to both of them about anything. Parenting is teamwork, and you want to make sure your teen daughter knows that she has both parents with her best interests at heart. 

Respect Your Body

I love this Bible Verse from 1st Corinthians 6:19-20 and often use it on my teen daughter. There is a lot of immorality going on in the world, and you dont want your teen daughter to fall into that trap. 

Remind her constantly that her body is the temple of God and that she should respect and keep it holy. 

You Are The Main Character Of Your Life

As much as we try to raise them in the best way possible, we have no power to choose what they pursue in life. As soon as our girls become teens, they only have a few months or years before they move out of our homes. 

Their choices, decisions, achievements, losses, and future is for them to shape when it gets to that point. Your teen should know that she’s the main character with the power to change, attain and build something of her own. 

Why Words For Encouragement For Teenage Daughters Are Important

The words you tell your children to leave imprints in their subconscious minds. You want to make sure that you speak to them using words that raise their self-esteem, shape their behaviours, and give them a positive perception of life. 

Your words can uplift your teenage daughter’s spirit, hurt or heal their inner soul. Besides, words are powerful, and they can improve the performance of human beings. Here are the benefits of words of encouragement to teenage daughters:

  1. Builds Motivation
  2. Builds self-confidence
  3. Builds a high self-esteem
  4. Drives her to success
  5. Builds resilience
  6. Promoted mental health and well being
  7. Reduces negative self-talk
  8. Builds strong and healthy relationships between teen daughters and parents

Bottom Line

Encouraging words for teenage daughters are our armour when raising girls. Speaking these words to your teen daughter every time is like cheering her on in a race to become the winner.

Words can encourage her to become a better person than she was yesterday, and negative words can also break her. Ensure that you use positive words when you’re talking to your teenage daughter to encourage her and make her feel special

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