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How To Make Your Teenage Daughter Feel Special

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Are you looking for ways on how to make your teenage daughter feel special? Daughters are adorable, and they paint our worlds with so much joy and peace. 

To our teen daughters, we want to be great parents because this is where things might drift apart, and the relationship between a teen and a parent becomes toxic.

Teens go through a lot, from body changes to mood swings, so they need to feel loved. 

If you’ve not been too close to your daughter during childhood, this might be the time to strengthen the bond. 

It might be difficult to bring your teen daughter closer to you because teens tend to get reserved and push parents away. 

You don’t have to deal with that stress alone. In this article, I will share with you incredible tips on how to make your teenage daughter feel special. 

Give Her Freedom

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Your teen daughter is no longer the little toddler who depended on you for most things. She is a teen now and needs her space to be independent. 

Dont get it wrong. There are choices that your teen daughter needs to make on her own and learn from their mistakes. 

Giving your teenage daughter freedom helps her prepare for adulthood by now depending on you for everything. 

Focus On The Positive

Trust that your teenage daughter is growing to become the best version of herself, and avoid always pointing out her wrongs. 

You dont have to correct everything she does because, to her, she’ll feel like you are violating her freedom and space. 

If you want your teenage daughter to feel special, you must always avoid negative criticism because it will push her away. 

Spend More Time With Her

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There’s no way you’ll make your teenage daughter feel special if you don’t spend enough time with her. 

You need to show interest in your teen daughter’s life and join her in doing the things she loves to do. 

There are so many teenage activities that excite teens, and you might want to rekindle your youth by taking part in those activities. 

Show interest in your daughter’s life by discovering her goals, ideas, dreams, opinions and thoughts. 

Allow your daughter to speak and listen to her attentively because, at this stage, they need to be heard. 

Show Affection

You need to show affection to your teen daughter as much as possible. Remind her that you love her and will always be there for her. 

Sometimes all our teenagers need is a touch of affection from their parents, especially girls. 

You might not know how rough the day has been for your teen, but a reminder of your love for her can make things better. 

Build The Trust Between You And Your Daughter

Image by Alisa Dyson

For your teen to feel loved and unique, you must cultivate trust between the two of you. 

Trust is built from the beginning of parenthood but during adolescence, your girl might start having trust issues. 

But you can still win her trust back if you listen to your daughter and provide her with her needs. 

You might not meet all her needs, but the consistency and frequency of giving them what they need make her feel cared for. 

Remind Her She’s Beautiful

As parents, we should be the first ones to remind our daughters how beautiful they are. You must let her know she is beautiful and acknowledge all her accomplishments. 

Appreciate the little things she does to help out in the house. She also needs to know that you are proud of her. 

But empty words will not work. Ensure your actions are louder than your words. 

Assist Her in Building Her Self Worth

A woman’s self-worth equals her confidence. Make your teen daughter feel special by helping her build her self-worth. 

We all want a daughter who walks with her head high, her confidence boosted at 100% and whose self-esteem cannot be lowered by anyone. 

That cannot happen if we don’t help our daughters know the importance of solid self-worth. 

There are many ways you can build your daughter’s self-worth, and the most important one is supporting her in chasing her goals. 

Encourage your daughter to become better at what she is, remind her that she can do anything she puts her mind to and help her pursue her hobbies. 

Attend Her Special Events

Image by Pham Trung Kien

Another trick that makes a daughter feel special is attending her important events. 

If she’s a sports girl, you want to make sure that you watch her play. In case it’s a birthday or graduation, grace it proudly. 

Most teens value proms, so that might be the time for you to purchase a glamorous prom dress and let her rock it like the princess she is. 

Take Her On A Holiday

You might have other kids, but you’re trying to make your teenage daughter feel special. How about you book her dream holiday destination?

I can vouch for this tip because it has worked countless times with my daughter. It doesn’t hurt to take a few days off a holiday and spend time with your daughter. 

The best this is it doesn’t matter if the mom or dad takes her on that holiday. Either way, your daughter will enjoy it. 

Sometimes all your daughter needs is some time away from home to breathe fresh air. 

If you can’t afford the holiday, you can opt for frequent dinner nights and have a daughter-to-parent talk. 


Everyone gets need to feel special once in their lifetime. But the need is intensified when kids reach the teenage stage. Daughters are delicate, and we must treat them in a special way.

I believe the tips I have shared above will guide you on how to make your daughter feel special. Remember, you should treat teenage boys well because they also have needs.

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