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Feeling Distant From Husband During Pregnancy

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Are you feeling distant from your husband during pregnancy? You aren’t alone. So many women have, at one point, felt distant from their husbands during their pregnancies. And even though people make it sound normal, you probably want to learn tips to avoid feeling distant from your husband during pregnancy. 

Relationship problems and pregnancy mood swings can take a toll on you. You want to feel better and stay connected to your husband throughout the pregnancy and the delivery date. 

Of course, the connection shouldn’t end at delivery, because you need him always. 

In this article, I’m sharing some tricks to avoid feeling distant from your husband during pregnancy. 

You will also learn why some relationships fall apart during pregnancy. 

Ways To Stay Connected To Your Husband During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is not a death sentence to your romantic life. You can be pregnant and still keep the spark alive. Although your mind and body are undergoing significant changes, you can nurture your relationship differently. 

  1. Open Up To Each Other

Communication is essential in a relationship and, most importantly, during pregnancy. Your emotions might become overwhelming, and you expect him to at least realise, but that’s not the case. 

Men are not good at mind reading, so opening up to him is good. Don’t assume that he knows what you’re going through. 

Encourage your partner to speak about his battles too. The two of you are expecting a bundle of joy, and the least you can do right now is to form a strong bond before your angel arrives. 

Opening up to each other solves loads of matters that can cause drifting between you and your partner. 

  1. Focus On Your Partner
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As your pregnancy progresses, you might get carried away by the baby’s movements, the kicks, and the imagination of how the baby will look. 

I had an addiction to rearranging the baby’s clothes every day that I’ll forget my partner existed.

 It’s good to smell those new baby clothes and rearrange the baby’s room but don’t overdo everything and forget the father of your child. 

Honor your relationship and create ample time for your partner. Create a balance between focusing on your growing pregnancy and taking care of your relationship to prevent insecurities. 

  1. Create Time For Yourselves Individually
Image by Khusen Rustamov from Pixabay

While spending time together and doing things together can help strengthen your relationship with your partner, you still need to take time out individually. You don’t want any of you feeling lost or with no identity. 

Everyone has their own identity, and spending all of your time with your spouse might make you feel like you don’t know yourself anymore. 

It’s good to take your time alone while he does the same. Engage with things that make you feel happy, and take time alone to recharge. 

  1. Discuss Other Topics

You might create a bridge in your relationship by always discussing the pregnancy. This topic might seem exciting to you, but it irritates your partner if all you talk about is pregnancy.

Try to talk about other things like his football games and career matters and if possible watch his favourite show with him. 

I know your life might revolve around your pregnancy for now, but try and compromise to accommodate your partner. 

  1. Go For Appointments Together

Growing up, I have always witnessed pregnant women going to their prenatal clinics alone. I can confidently say that I have never seen my father take my mom to the hospital, even during labour. 

Anytime one of my siblings was about to make a grand entrance into the world, my father would reach out to his phone fast and call our grandmother. 

After my mother delivers, our father will be somewhere popping the bottles for three days in a row or even a week. Imagine your partner coming back after the cord peg detaches. Sad. 

Things have changed now. I went into the delivery room with my partner and will do it again. We have gone through prenatal together, and I feel that involving him created an unbreakable with our babies. 

  1. Revive Your Intimacy

Lack of intimacy is one of the main reasons why most relationships have broken during pregnancy. 

While some women get an increased urge for intimacy during pregnancy, others shut it off entirely because they feel discomfort when making love. 

Romance doesn’t hurt the baby. If your doctor hasn’t instructed you to abstain, you shouldn’t deny yourself and your partner intimacy. 

  1. Praise Your Partner

Don’t let his good acts go unacknowledged. If he is doing his best, acknowledge it to stay motivated. This is an important tip. Even though your hormones might not agree with the being nice attitude, it’s good to mention his good deeds. 

Reasons Why Relationships Fall During Pregnancy

  1. Your Partner Is Feeling Left Out

Your husband will feel left out when you don’t involve him in decision-making. You’re indeed the one carrying the pregnancy, and you have the liberty to choose what is suitable for you. 

But it’s also essential you involve your partner in every decision you make because this child belongs to both of you. 

  1. Money Matters

Money matters mainly affect couples when they get a surprise baby. If you didn’t plan to have the child at this moment, then probably the two of you are worried about the change in expenditure. 

If you don’t sit down and agree on how you will manage your finances, you will have serious disagreements. 

Find a way to solve this problem by discussing what you have and how you’ll budget. Figure out all the expected expenses, stick to your budget, and set aside an emergency kitty.

  1. Lack Of Intimacy

I already talked about the importance of intimacy during pregnancy. If you deny your partner intimacy, then the chances of your relationship hitting rock bottom are high. Try to figure out something that will make intimacy enjoyable for you. 

  1. Lack Of Attention

Pregnancy hormones might make you feel insecure and vulnerable. You might sometimes feel you’re not receiving the attention you deserve. 

If you feel that your insecurities are creating turmoil in your relationship, then it’s time you make friends with pregnant ladies. Share your challenges, and you’ll realise you have much to be grateful for. 

Avoid being too clingy and give him his time. My best trick that has worked several times in creating a little scarcity. When you have your own life with your friends, your partner craves your attention.

  1. Family Interference

Sometimes our families get too close, and we feel you’re not getting your time as a couple. Your pregnancy journey can have your family’s support, but the main characters should be you and your husband. 

If you feel your family is getting too much, you need to ask them to allow you to enjoy the journey. You can always have a tight connection with your family after the pregnancy. 

This is a beautiful time for you and your spouse, and bonding is important as you prepare to welcome a new member of the family. You can rekindle your love and strengthen your bond with the above tricks and tips. Your baby deserves a happy home, it’s time to create that space filled with love. 

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