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Fun Activities For Pregnant Couples

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A happy pregnant couple

You don’t have to stop having fun just because you’re pregnant. This is the time to create beautiful memories with your partner by trying out all the fun activities for pregnant couples.  

You can do many things together as you wait for your joy. I have compiled a list of fun activities for pregnant couples to spark joy. 

1. Game Night

How about you host a game night with your close friends or family? But I suggest you invite another couple to make it more fun. 

If you don’t want a crowd, try flirty games like “never have I ever” and the nasty games couples play. 

2. Couples Massage

Couples massage room

Nothing beats a couples massage. The relaxation that comes after that is just amazing. The experience is even blazing when you decide to get a couples massage in your favorite spa. 

3. Watch Your Favorite Comedy Show

Crack those ribs with some comedy shows that you both like. If you’re the kind of a couple that loves the comfort of their home, then comedy shows can wipe away your worries and fill your house with laughter.

4. Go for a baby moon

A baby moon is another fun activity that at least breaks the monotony of being in the same place for a long time. 

If you’re in the first or second trimester, you can fly to your dream vacation destination. 

Most experts discourage taking flights when you hit 36 weeks. However, that doesn’t mean you won’t have fun if you’re already past 36 weeks. 

You can try out a cruise or go somewhere closer where you can drive without any issues. 

5. Go for a road trip

Couple on a road trip

I love road trips, especially when everything else seems boring. The outdoor environment away from home gives you an adventurous experience.

A road trip might not be a good idea when you’re close to your due date. So you should go for short road trips in the third trimester. 

If you are still in the early days, you can travel the country and visit your favorite local destinations.  

6. Recreate Your First Date

Sometimes being in a relationship without recreating memories makes things dull. Try out something new by recreating your first date with your partner. 

This idea works like magic in rekindling your love, and it’s also super fun because you get to laugh over some things that happened in the past. 

7. Go For A Pregnancy Photoshoot

Pregnancy photoshoot

Create beautiful memories of your baby bump by taking a pregnancy photoshoot with your husband. 

Get yourself a beautiful pregnancy gown and a matching outfit for your partner for the photoshoot. The fun part is you will show your child these photos in the future. 

8. Take A Walk Together

A morning or evening walk is fun and healthy, especially when approaching your due date. 

While you might treat it as a fun activity, it also helps exercise your body which is vital for pregnant women. 

9. Go For Prenatal And Childbirth Classes Together 

It’s fun when you receive the necessary information about your child as a couple. Childbirth classes aren’t meant for expectant mothers only. 

Your partner can pick a tip or two to help him support you during pregnancy and after childbirth. 

10. Go For A Picnic

Couple on picnic

You can decide to go for a picnic during the day or make things different by going for one at night. 

You don’t need to carry loads for an ideal picnic. Carry some fruits, Soft drinks, and a light blanket to cover yourself as you watch the stars. 

11. Go For Groceries Together

Sometimes you can do something out of the regular schedule. If you’re used to going for the groceries alone, tag your partner along this time.

Hold hands as you walk into the grocery store and romanticize the shopping experience. 

12. Go To The Movies

I won’t lie to you; I’m a boring partner in watching movies. I’ve always wondered why I fall asleep within the first 20 minutes. 

But if you love movies and your partner does, it’s a great idea to go to the movies and have a blast. 

13. Go for a Vacation/Staycation

Couple on vacation

How about you pack a few things and go on that vacation you’ve yearned for so long? Just like road trips, vacations have limits, too, especially if you intend to fly. 

It makes it easy if you’re still in the first or second semester. It might be tricky in the third semester, especially from week 38, because you might not be allowed to fly. 

14. Dance To Your Favorite Music

If you love dancing like me, this will light up your mood and your partner’s.

Play your favorite Playlist and let your mind drown at the moment as you let dance hand in hand with your partner. 

15. Exercise Together

Exercise is good for you during pregnancy, but exercising alone is not fun. 

Invite your partner to exercise with you and create fun times together. But you must be mindful of the exercise you engage in now. 

I recommend you talk to your doctor before starting your exercise routine if you’re yet to. 

16. Cook Together

Couple cooking together

Prepare a meal together as you chat with your partner or engage in small romantic play. 

A kiss on his cheeks as he’s helping you chop the veggies makes him feel appreciated.  You can try out some new recipes too. There are loads of recipes online that I’m sure you haven’t tried yet.

17. Make love

Romance might look like it’s something usual, but couples find it difficult to make love during pregnancy.

If you haven’t made love recently, or even if you just did hours ago, you can have a surprising session now. 

There’s no overdose to lovemaking, and so many relationships get affected by the lack of it.

18. Write a diary

You probably have your diary where you write down your thoughts every day. How about you get a diary to jot down your thoughts as a couple? 

The diary will help you rewind some memories in the future when the baby comes. 

19. Go For A Dinner Date

I’m a romantic being, and anything that spikes relationships, I’m in. It’s boring when you have dinner at home every day throughout your pregnancy. 

You can try out a dinner date and new menus away from home. 

20. Start A Self Care Routine Together

As women, we are concerned about our self-care routines; in most cases, we don’t involve our partners. 

Do it differently this time and start a self-care routine as a couple. Build confidence together and be happy together. A self-care routine is essential for men too. 

21. Read Fiction Stories Together

I’m not a fiction fan, but my partner is, so I must flow with it. However, there are some wondrous horror fictions that I can read to thrill my mind. 

If you don’t have any fiction books in your collection, you can get one on Amazon and read it with your partner. 

22. Watch A Reality Show

Couple watching a reality show

You should keep up with a Reality Show if books, movies, and comedies aren’t your thing. 

It’s good to create fun moments as a couple every time, but most importantly, when you’re pregnant.  The above fun activities for pregnant couples can help shorten the pregnancy journey because you always have something new to do. Pick some or all, and enjoy your pregnancy journey. You can also try out these solo activities when pregnant if your partner is not around.

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