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How To Take Care Of Pregnant Wife In First Month

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Do you want to know how to care for your pregnant wife in the first month? Partner support during pregnancy is vital to all pregnant women. Thinking about the support you need to offer your partner shows that you care about your wife and your baby. 

Apart from showing care, you’re also working towards strengthening the bond in your relationship.  Pregnancy comes with excitement and anxiety because of the expected and unexpected changes. 

The least you can do as a caring husband is to give your partner all the support she needs during pregnancy. In this article, I will share tips on how to care for your pregnant wife in the first month of her pregnancy. 

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Reasons Why You Should Support Your Partner During Pregnancy 

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1. Less Stress 

When you give your woman the support she deserves during pregnancy, she feels happier. 

The less stressed your wife will be during pregnancy, the lesser risks of pre and postpartum complications.

2. Time To Strengthen The Bond

We often sway away from our relationships due to many factors like careers. 

Your Partner is carrying your child, and this is the time to mend what might have been lost or broken. 

Showing her support helps strengthen your bond as a couple and a family. 

3. You Build A Conducive Environment For Your Baby

You might think your support only helps during pregnancy, but it goes beyond pregnancy. 

Showing your partner support throughout the pregnancy until the baby arrives creates a happiness-filled environment for your baby. 

How To Take Care Of Pregnant Wife In First Month

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Below are some of the best ways to care for your pregnant wife in the first month.

1. Love and Reassure Her

I know you love her, but it’s good to top it up and reassure her that you’re in this together.  I’m a woman, and I know how important it is to feel loved better and given some assurance when pregnant, especially if it’s the first time. 

2. Ask Her What She Needs 

She might be a grown woman but she still needs that baby girl treatment. Make it a habit of asking your partner if she needs anything from you. 

3. Understand Her Sexual Needs

While other women enjoy sex more during pregnancy, your wife’s case might differ completely.

If she’s yearning for you, then be available, and if she isn’t getting the vibe, understand that it’s not her but the hormones. 

4. Help Her Change Her Lifestyle

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If your partner used to drink alcohol or a lot of caffeine before pregnancy, she might find it hard to cope without it. 

As a good partner, you have to help your partner stop taking caffeine and alcohol for the sake of your baby’s health. 

If you drink alcohol, try and stop so that she doesn’t feel bad that you’re still enjoying your glass of wine while she doesn’t. 

5. Shower Her With Affection

Kiss her on the forehead, hold her hand while walking, or cuddle her while watching your favourite show. 

There are so many ways you can show affection to your lovely wife. You can even cook for her while she takes a rest. 

6. Help Out With The Chores

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Although the pregnancy is still early, your wife can feel exhausted too. Remember, her body is making several changes to help accommodate the baby as the pregnancy advances. 

Women also battle many early pregnancy symptoms within the first to the third month. 

Try to help whenever possible so your partner feels appreciated and loved. 

7. Give Her A Massage

You’re not a professional masseuse, but your massage might feel better than a professional’s. 

Try to massage her legs and back to relieve stress and fatigue from a long day. 

8. Give Her A Break When Necessary 

You should spend every moment with your wife, especially now that the news of a new family member has landed. 

But you also need to give her the necessary time she needs for herself. Let her take a rest when she needs to. 

9. Listen/ talk to her

Pregnant couple having a chat

You need to have functional communication between you and your partner. This is the time to listen to her worries and discuss her fears and expectations. 

A passionate talk at this moment will open up so many things because you’ll understand what you need to do and not to do.

10. Take Her to her First Doctor’s Appointment 

Being the first month, she hasn’t gone for her first doctor’s appointment yet. This is when your partner sees and feels your support by taking her for her first appointment.  

Visiting the doctor with your wife will serve two purposes, you’ll know what’s going on with the pregnancy, and you’ll also know what’s expected of you. 

11. Be Patient and Calm

Pregnancy does mess with the hormones, and you might be having it rough because you don’t seem to understand your partner. 

Patience and calmness will help you cope and also help treat your partner with love. Try to understand her situation and avoid harsh reactions even if you feel passed off. 

There you have it, tips on caring for a pregnant wife during the first month. Just keep it simple and enjoy the journey of fatherhood. 

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