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What Husbands Should Not Do During Pregnancy

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We have always seen information everywhere about what you are supposed to do when your wife is pregnant. While the world concentrates on the do’s, discussing what husbands should not do during pregnancy is also necessary.

As a supportive partner, this is the time you need to be careful with the things you do and say because you don’t want to turn the beautiful journey into a rocky one.

In this article, we will discuss things husbands should not do during pregnancy to ensure their partners feel supported and loved.

What Husbands Should Not Do During Pregnancy

1. Don’t Body Shame Her

I have carried two babies, and every time someone makes fun of my elephant legs or fat nose, I would feel so offended.

Note that I’m talking about someone, not my partner. You can imagine how bad that will feel coming from the father of your unborn child. 

No matter how big your partner looks and continues to grow, don’t body shame her. Try your best to make her feel attractive, and even if she utters any word about her massive weight gain, reassure her that she is still beautiful. 

2. Don’t Complain About Her Cravings

I know how crazy cravings can get. But that doesn’t mean you should start complaining about it. This advice might sound unfair, but you never know what your partner feels when craving.

The best thing to do is temporarily sacrifice your comfort to ensure that she gets her cravings cared for no matter the time.

3. Don’t Ignore Your Partner’s Concerns

There are times she might worry about her tummy getting bigger. Don’t remind her harshly that she’s pregnant. 

Try to show your concern and gently remind her that it’s healthy, considering that the baby is growing inside her. 

Such instances happen when your partner is a first-time mum. She might worry when the baby doesn’t move as usual (sometimes the little ones rest too). 

Give her a gentle massage to show that you care. And, you never know, the baby might even give you a nice kick. 

4. Don’t Complain About Your Lack Of Sleep

The third trimester can take a toll on your partner, especially a lack of comfort when sleeping, so you must grab that bowl of popcorn and watch the kid’s show with her. 

She’s already woken you 5 times in one night, don’t complain about it. The phase might feel overwhelming, but you have to put up a smiley face. 

You must remind yourself that you are going through a phase that will bring forth a beautiful baby. 

5. Don’t Compare Her With Other Pregnant Women

You might have a friend who has a pregnant wife too, and he seems to enjoy the journey because he said that his wife doesn’t nag, don’t mention it to your partner. 

You don’t want to create any drift between you and your partner because you compared her to another less nagging woman. 

Remember, experiences are different. What I experience during pregnancy is not what your partner experiences through her pregnancy. 

6. Don’t Drink Alcohol In front Of Your Partner

Image by Michal Jarmoluk

You might push the wrong button by drinking alcohol before your wife. Most women (if not all) hate the smell of alcohol when pregnant. 

When drunk, the smell of your breath can provoke her badly and cause her to throw up after having her favorite meal. 

She might have been okay with you drinking in her presence before pregnancy, but now you want to avoid it completely. 

7. Don’t Assume You Know How She Feels

You are not pregnant at this moment (at least according to a pregnant woman), and the worst thing you can say is, “I know how you feel.” 

In most cases, men will try to brush off our concerns by saying, “It’s not that bad; I know how you feel.” That statement isn’t true because you don’t know what she’s feeling. 

The best you can do is to ask her what you can do to make her feel better. If she asks for that leg massage, go on with all pleasure. 

8. Don’t Be Afraid

I know it’s scary how she complains about her legs swelling, lack of sleep, and comfort, but that shouldn’t make you anxious. Always view everything positively, knowing that it gets better with time. 

Sometimes the fear of becoming a father might be scary too. But it is one of the most beautiful things you could ever experience, so don’t be afraid. 

Things Husbands Should Do During Pregnancy

There are a lot of things you can do for your pregnant wife to make her feel comfortable. The list is endless, but you can borrow some of these points below:

  1. Give her a foot massage.

2. A kiss on the belly

3. Give her her favorite fruit salad

4. Discuss your pregnancy and the arrival of the baby

5. Watch baby videos together

6. Talk to your baby in the belly

7. Take her for evening walks

8. Take her to her doctor’s appointments

9. Help her with the house chores

10. Remind her you love and care for her

11. Listen to her

12. Provide all the support she needs financially, physically, and emotionally

What Husbands Should Not Do During Pregnancy

You are about to become a father in months or even days. What you want to do right now is to offer all the necessary support to your wife. With the above points, you know what you shouldn’t do during pregnancy to make your partner comfortable and avoid inconveniences. 

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