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My Wife Is Pregnant and She Hates Me

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I can’t count how often I have heard men say, “my wife is pregnant and she hates me.” 

She doesn’t hate you. Blame it on the hormones. 

She might be too hostile, but that doesn’t mean she truly hates you. 

Pregnancy is beautiful and ugly (to some extent, when love turns sour). Don’t get me wrong. 

We may tend to hate the people we love the most and love those we resented before we got pregnant. 

It’s crazy how things go from lovey-dovey to hostility and hatred so fast (but too much is unhealthy). 

Why Is My Wife So Angry During Her Pregnancy?

During pregnancy, it’s normal for a woman to become moody and angry without any provocation. 

It sounds crazy because you don’t understand why she’s always upset. 

Although pregnancies are different, I’ve had my own share of moods and anger with one of my pregnancies. 

For someone impatient,  you might start thinking of a way out of the marriage or relationship because you feel she’s becoming abusive. 

This is when you need to calm your nerves and learn how to deal with her anger, hate, and mood swings. 

How Do I Deal With My Pregnant Wife’s Hatred?

Look at things from her perspective.  I know it’s hard, but you must put yourself in her shoes and try to resonate with her. You might also want to avoid some things that may upset her. Check out this article to find out more.

At this point, your wife is vulnerable and needs you to always stand by her side. She might show resentment, but she needs you more now than ever. 

The best way to deal with her hatred is by showering her with love. I believe love melts all the hatred people feel for us. 

You cannot reciprocate with the same amount of hate because it makes things even worse. And one thing most men don’t understand is women don’t forget how you treated them when they were pregnant. 

Therefore, you must be mindful of what you say to your wife, even though she makes you feel bad. 

Try To Talk To Her

You can’t go wrong with communication. You might fear letting her know how you feel about her attitude toward you. Sometimes you might feel like talking about it will leave you on the losing end, and that’s when you must involve an expert. 

If she is still open to talking, you can tell her how her actions hurt you. Silence is not the answer now because things may get out of hand and ruin your marriage. 

Talk To People Close To You

If you have raised the issue and things didn’t go as expected, opening up to your close relatives or friends that your partner can listen to is the best option. 

You dont have to suffer in silence if there are people you can trust to help you. Your partner might not realize how bad she makes you feel, but with the help of someone, she might change. 

Seek Counseling

Although it’s normal for a woman to hate her partner during pregnancy, it’s absurd when things get out of hand. The hatred is not supposed to be as severe as that of bad enemies.

Try to convince your partner to attend counseling sessions with you for expert advice. Too much hatred might be an indicator of emotional abuse. 

There are times when she softens up and loves her partner, even if it’s for a moment. If you feel worried that the resentment is too much, it might be the right time to seek a counselor. Many experts out here are ready to help. 

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