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Pregnancy Exercises At Home Third Trimester

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Wondering what exercises are safe for you in the third trimester of your pregnancy? Honestly, the third trimester is a long ride, and it’s tiresome. 

I figured out a few safe exercises in the third trimester. These exercises worked magic for me, especially in eliminating fatigue, back pain, and leg pains. 

Exercising is good but going out of my house to the gym was an uphill task. So for that reason, the exercises I’m going to share with you are home exercises. 

Before I forget, you must discuss with your health provider about your new fitness regime. If you’ve had a normal pregnancy with zero complications, your doctor can give you the go-ahead. 

Let me not bore you with a lengthy chat here, so let’s head straight to the exercises. 

Best Pregnancy Exercises At Home Third Trimester

1. Pelvic Exercises

You might be wondering what pelvic exercises you should be doing now. Ever heard of Kegels? I know you have. Now the pelvic floor supports internal organs like the uterus. 

As the baby grows, the pelvic muscles become weakened and overstretched due to the increased weight.

Kegels help strengthens the pelvic muscles, which is why this exercise is essential for pregnancy, childbirth, and even postpartum. 

Although the pelvic exercises might not provide the full body workout you might be yearning for, I figured out it’s the most important at this point. 

2. Walking And Stair Climbing

Walking is another simple and doable exercise even though you feel this pregnancy has pushed you to the wall. 

While thinking about starting the exercises, you want to find a comfortable and supportive shoe that will not hurt your feet.

Get a pelvis brace for support if you feel back pain when walking. You can combine walking with stair climbing. These exercises are safe even if you’re approaching your EDD. However, you need to be careful not to climb steep stairs.

3. Swimming

Swimming is and will remain my best exercise at all times, whether I’m pregnant or not. Water aerobics seem to offload the extra weight and stress off my body so fast. 

Luckily, swimming is a safe exercise, so you can join swimming classes or schedule hearty swimming sessions if you already know how to swim. 

4. Yoga

Yoga and prenatal pilates are gentle movements, making it easy to enjoy the exercises. Yoga also focuses on the pelvic floor and offers comfort, not forgetting the stability you need during pregnancy and childbirth. 

Apart from the muscle stretch and relaxation yoga offers, you come out with a relaxed mind which is essential. 

5. Squats

If you only know squats for a perky butt, here’s another secret. Squats are essential all through your pregnancy and even near your due dates. 

Squatting helps move your baby into the lower pelvis and opens up the pelvis too. You might find it hard to squat, so I recommend you use the back of your chair for support. 

Spread a mat underneath your feet for soft cushioning. Hold the seat and go down, bending on your knees. Go down as far as you can and stay in position for 10 seconds before standing. 

Repeat the exercises a few more times, about seven times. One thing I must caution about, any pain in the groin is not a good sign so stop immediately if you feel pain in the pubic area. 

6. Bodyweight Moves

Do you want to stay lean or toned during your pregnancy? How about light bodyweight exercises like lifting low-weight dumbbells, leg lifts, wall push-ups, and lunges? 

All these exercises can easily be done at home if you already have the equipment needed.

Is It Safe To Exercise In The Third Trimester Of Pregnancy?

Yes, exercising in the third trimester of pregnancy is safe as long as you’re carrying a low-risk pregnancy. According to ACOG, physical exercises cannot cause premature birth or miscarriage as long as the pregnancy is normal. 

Benefits Of Exercises during Pregnancy

Exercises are essential in the third trimester of pregnancy and help curb many problems like back pain, fatigue, and even constipation. 

Lack of exercise during pregnancy can cause high-risk complications like preeclampsia and gestational diabetes. You also don’t want to pile up too many pounds during pregnancy. 

Precautions To Take When Exercising In The Third Trimester Of Pregnancy

1. Stay Hydrated

This goes without saying. Water is vital during pregnancy, especially if you’re exercising. Ensure that you’re drinking a lot of water to avoid dehydration. 

If you’re feeling dizzy and your urine seems to be reduced, you have a racing heart, then take lots of water. These signs are usually associated with dehydration.

2. Get Ideal Fitness Wear

You need a good sports bra and supportive and comfortable shoes, and you might also need a waistband for support to prevent back pain. 

3. Avoid Lying On Your Back

Lying on your back in the third trimester is dangerous because all the weight in the womb presses on the vein that transports blood back to your heart. 

Pregnancy Exercises At Home Third Trimester: Frequently Asked Questions

Is it too late to start exercising in the third trimester?

No, it’s not. You can start exercising at any point of your pregnancy as long as your gynecologist permits you. 

What should I avoid during trimester?

Avoid caffeine, strenuous exercises, alcohol, smoking, raw fish 

What is the best exercise for 8 months of pregnancy?

Walking, simple aerobics like swimming, stationary cycling, prenatal yoga, and squats.

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