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Unsupportive Father During Pregnancy

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Are you unhappy because you’re dealing with an unsupportive father during pregnancy?

Pregnancy is supposed to bring couples together and strengthen the bond. 

While most people experience total happiness and joy during their pregnancy journeys, some women go through heartbreaks during the pregnancy journey. 

If your partner is unsupportive during pregnancy,  it doesn’t necessarily mean they hate the child. 

Men are totally different, and they process things differently.  Maybe he’s shocked and has no idea what he’s supposed to do to support you, or he’s bombarded with life issues. 

In this article, I’m going to share tips on how to deal with an unsupportive husband during pregnancy and even more. 

But first, look at signs of an unsupportive husband during pregnancy.

Signs Of Unsupportive Husband During Pregnancy

  1. Easily Irritable
  2. Simply Unsupportive
  3. Shows Lack Of Interest
  4. Easily Angered
  5. Expresses Stress In Destructive Ways

10 Reasons Why Your Partner Is Unsupportive During Pregnancy

  1. He’s Simply Not Ready

The number one reason why your partner is unsupportive during pregnancy is that he’s not ready to be a father. 

Look at it this way; there’s no limit to what your husband can do to support you when you’re carrying his child, even if he’s going through a financial crisis. 

Most men become unsupportive because the news of pregnancy comes as a surprise, and they completely shut down their support. 

  1. Unplanned Pregnancy

Did you talk about having the child or having another baby? If your answer is No, then that might be why your husband is unsupportive. 

Pregnancy is something both of you ought to talk about before it comes. The unpreparedness can make your husband or boyfriend overwhelmed. 

Most men view unplanned pregnancies as a trap, which might be why your partner seems unbothered by the internal changes you’re going through. 

  1. He Is Going Through A Financial Crisis

Financial problems don’t only affect relationships, but they cause lots of stress when a couple is expecting a baby. 

While we might be here talking about how your husband is insensitive, he might be going through a financial problem and doesn’t know how he will handle fatherhood. 

  1. He’s Afraid Of Losing His Independence

We all know parenting is demanding because it’s a full-time job. If your partner is the type of guy that loves freedom, then he might feel like he’s being guided into a prison. 

Fatherhood isn’t as demanding as motherhood, but some men feel they’ll lose their independence when they become dads. 

  1. He Doesn’t Want Responsibilities

The responsibilities might be another reason your partner is unsupportive during your pregnancy. While parenthood is counted as a blessing, it comes with a lot of responsibilities. 

Your man might be unsupportive because he is afraid of responsibilities and unable to provide for your child. 

  1. He’s Afraid Of Unknown

Your partner might just be afraid of the unknown. He feels completely lost and doesn’t know what the future holds. 

The fear of the unknown might come in if this is his first child and he doesn’t know how he’s expected to behave or what he’s supposed to do. 

  1. He’s Gone Through Childhood Trauma

Most men who have undergone childhood trauma normally face difficulties raring children. I cannot say that all men who’ve faced trauma in their early days are unsupportive because the experiences have shaped some to become better dads. 

  1. He Is Lost

Your husband might feel lost and sad that he will lose himself when he becomes a father. 

Some men love their “me time” a lot, and the thought of him becoming a father makes them feel he will lose that privilege. 

  1. Lack Of Sex

Are you having regular intimacy, or has your pregnancy affected your romance? If you’re having problems in your sex life, then it might be the reason your partner is unsupportive. 

He might be afraid that the issue will extend through the pregnancy and that life will never be the same again. 

  1. Jealousy

This point might sound ridiculous but trust me, men get jealous that their wives will love the child more than she loves him. 

It’s crazy how jealousy can significantly affect your relationship during pregnancy. If you feel this is why your partner seems unbothered, try to show him love just as you used to. 

How To Make Your Partner More Supportive During Pregnancy

If your husband is just unsupportive and not abusive, chances are you already know why he is unsupportive. 

Below are some clever tips to encourage your partner to be more supportive during pregnancy. These tips will help you rebuild your relationship and give you peace of mind because that’s what every woman deserves during pregnancy. 

  1. Bond With Each Other

Try to analyze yourself and see if you can do anything to spark up the fire in your relationship once again. If you can, try to bond with your husband and get involved in things that make him happy too. 

I know it’s not all about him, but there is a lot we can do as women to revive our relationships. You might haven’t been in the mood for romance lately, and your partner feels rejected. Try to spice your life up by giving him a surprising intimacy. 

  1. Communicate

The best way to build and maintain a strong relationship is to open up to each other and be honest about your feelings. 

Invite your partner to open up to you and share all your worries while you also open up to him and tell him how you feel. 

  1. Seek Professional Help

Sometimes things may get out of hand, and you feel helpless and lost. At this point, involving a counselor would be a great idea. 

Your partner might not open up to you and tell you how he feels about the pregnancy, but with a professional in the picture, he might speak up.

  1. Seek Mental Support

You might notice that your partner is unsupportive because of mental issues like depression. It’s good to seek the services of a therapist so that your partner may share his troubles with an expert. 

  1. Visit Pregnancy Classes Together

Your partner might be unsupportive because he’s in the dark and understands nothing about fatherhood. Involving him in prenatal and childbirth education classes might bring about change. 

Don’t force him. Gently talk to him about attending the classes together, and he might meet other fathers and fathers-to-be who share incredible parenting experiences with him. 

How To Deal With An Unsupportive Partner During Pregnancy

Your partner is unsupportive, and you’ve tried your best to make him supportive. What do you do now? Right now, the best thing to do is to learn how to deal with the unsupportive father during pregnancy and get your life on track. 

Below are some credible tips to help you get through this phase that makes you feel awful. 

  1. Give Him Space

If you’re still in the first trimester, you might need to give your partner a little space to process the whole thing. In most cases, you’ll find that the man is still in shock and doesn’t know what to do next. 

Giving him time might change a lot of things. He will come back and be more supportive if he still wants you around. 

  1. Talk To Him

You might be complaining about your partner’s unsupportive nature, but it might b he doesn’t know what you need or want. 

Talk to your husband and let him know how you want him to treat you during pregnancy and what you might wish he changed. 

  1. Go For Therapy

Most times, women try to save their marriage problems by getting pregnant. Often, we think that a child will strengthen our bond with our partners. 

But that’s not always the case. You might be surprised that your partner doesn’t want a child, so you’re not on the same page. 

You need to seek the services of a councellor who will guide you on the right path to raise the child without causing further problems. 

  1. Seek Support From Someone Else

If your partner doesn’t care about what you need and how you feel, it’s good to find support from other people. 

Don’t let yourself go through a rough road alone if you have supportive family or friends. You might even get more than enough support from the people who love you than you might have thought. 

  1. Discuss Separation

Sometimes breaking up during pregnancy is a bitter pill, but what happens if all your efforts go down the drain? 

If you feel your partner won’t change and things might get out of hand, you can talk about separating. 

Dealing with an unsupportive father during pregnancy is one of the hardest things a woman can face. Relationships are not all rosy, but you expect to be treated with love and support when you have someone growing inside you. 

When our partners fail to support us, the best thing is to find support from the people close to you. And don’t forget that no one can love you better than you love yourself. 

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